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As Far As The Stars Blog Tour @hqstories @virginiawrites @ninadouglas #AsFarAsTheStars

Hello! Welcome to my stop on the As Far As The Stars blog tour! I was kindly gifted this book by Nina at HQ Stories so thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my review and check out the next stop on the tour after mine below!

How do you change what’s already written in the stars?

Christopher is the sort of guy that no one notices, yet when Air catches sight of him making intricate paper birds in the airport, she can’t look away.

But their worlds are about to collide in ways they never expected. Someone they love is on Flight 0217 from London Heathrow. And it’s missing.

Convinced that her brother was on a different flight, Air drives them hundreds of miles across the country, on a trip that will change their lives forever.

But how do you tell the person you’re falling for that you might just be the reason their life has fallen apart?


This book was a strange one for me! I really enjoyed the plot and was excited to get to know the characters more and get into why Air and her brother were so close.

I love emotional contemporary books with a love story in the middle. These two characters both have loved ones on a missing plane and you get to see their anguish and worry at points throughout the book however the actions they take whilst not knowing where their family member is, is quite strange.

During the road trip Air and Christopher begin to bond over their families and their little quirks. I connected with Air because she was like me as a child, she didn’t want to dress girly and play with dolls she wanted to explore and get stuck in with her brother Blake. I’ve always wanted an older brother to explore the wilderness with. Christopher is quiet yet brave and they do bounce off each-other once they get past the awkward first stages of their friendship.

I did feel like they forgot about their loved ones at times, e.g they went skinny dipping and jumped off a high rock into a rock pool randomly which i didn’t understand. Also the way Air kept talking about her brother Blake and the way she described his body at a certain point made me a feel a bit uncomfortable. I feel like everything she did she mentioned her brother and it was like she couldn’t go a second with mentioning him.

Although i found a few things that irritated me this is still a good book to read, the writing style is easy to follow and it would appeal to a lot of people. Also the book cover is so pretty and the astronomy side of the story was really fascinating.

I rated this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I want to thank HQ Stories for sending me this review copy.

This book is out now!




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Book Review – Don’t You Forget About Me Now by Mhairi Mcfarlane @MhairiMcF @HarperCollinsUK

You always remember your first love. Don’t you…?

’I loved it! So funny and warm. A delicious read’ Marian Keyes

’Hilarious, warm and life affirming’ Jenny Colgan

It began with four words.

‘I love your laugh. x’

But that was twelve years ago. It really began the day Georgina was fired from The Worst Restaurant in Sheffield (© Tripadvisor) and found The Worst Boyfriend in the World (© Georgina’s best friends) in bed with someone else.

So when her new boss, Lucas McCarthy, turns out to be the boy who wrote those words to her all that time ago, it feels like the start of something.

The only problem? He doesn’t seem to remember Georgina – at all…


TW: Sexual Assault, Parent Death (prior to current events), PTSD

This isn’t my first book that I’ve read by Mhairi McFarlane, I’ve previously read two of her other books and she was once my favourite author when i got back into reading a few years ago, i stopped reading her books because other things appealed to me more but this gave me all of those feelings i once had back! Her books are addictive, you won’t want to put her book down because you need to know what will happen next. I read this book in a day!

I can’t even describe how much i loved this book. I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Mhairi McFarlane though. She always delivers just what i love in romance books. Unique stories with all of my favourite tropes. Her writing style is easy to follow and i love how British everything is.
Georgina is a sweet, kindhearted woman who takes no bullshit – as is evidenced by her reactions to events throughout the book. Lucas is a dark, serious and mysterious Irish boy – who is described from the beginning as the perfect guy! Georgina is head over heels for him in the beginning and you can tell they belong together.

This is marketed as a romance but the romance isn’t the only thing i loved about it. Georgina has a front up that she has to control everything in her life. She realises in the book that things aren’t always her fault and that she can stand up for herself. The talk of mental health in this book was amazing and Mhairi wrote about it so well.
They discuss going to see a counsellor and talking therapy and how they helped her through tough times. They talk about how the trauma she has been through has affected her. Her friendship group are hilarious and so understanding and really cheer her on throughout the book. What i’d give to have those kinds of friends!

I rated this book 5/5 stars and i need more books from her already!! This book is out now! Go and get it!




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Book Review – How To Make Friends With The Dark by Kathleen Glasgow @kathglasgow @rocktheboatnews @oneworldnews

The story of an awful, universe-gone-mad-mistake, and one girl’s emotional battle for clarity and forgiveness

Tiger’s mother has always been her whole world, but now she’s sixteen her mother’s control over everything in her life is suffocating. Just when Tiger feels she can no longer bear the way her life is managed, the unimaginable happens and her mother dies. As she slowly begins to make a way for herself, Tiger creates a new kind of family, some related and some not, who will love her and travel forward with her.

This is how you make friends with the dark.


“It would be nice if once, someone would just say, Girl, you are in the shit and you will not be getting out soon. So here’s how to make friends with the dark.”

Kathleen Glasgow once again reaches inside of you and knows how to break your heart with her beautiful damaged characters. She writes with so much heart that you can’t help but connect to her books and root for her characters.

Losing someone is never easy. But when it’s the only person in your life, it turns your world upside down. Tiger finds herself in this situation when her mother passes away. The last thing that was said between the two wasn’t a great way to ends things and after it ruins Tigers life.

Tiger gets placed into foster care. Travelling from house to house to live out the rest of her days until she’s an adult. She meets many character along the way who help her cope with how shes feeling i especially loved Thaddeus and Shayna. It reminds me of how I felt when reading one of my favourite books Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman. Just full of heart-wrenching grief that you can’t understand unless you’re living it. This book feels even more dark and helpless, though. Tiger’s life really does end, and putting herself back together means falling apart even more.

How to Make Friends with the Dark is a story of love, loss, grief and finding yourself after. Tiger’s story will break your heart, so prepare the tissues. We never truly know how things will affect us but this is a good look at how loss turns your world upside down and you are never the same again. It was a powerful and stunning story that will always stay with me.

I gave this book 5 stars, because it was perfection and made me feel every emotion.

I want to thank the amazing rock the boat publications for sending me this stunning book, i’m so grateful i got this opportunity to read it.




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Book Review – Wrecker by Noel O’Reilly @noeloreilly @hqstories

A story that takes you back in time to the days smugglers in our coastal towns in the UK.
This story is set in the coastal town of Porthmorvoren in Cornwall. A Cornish fishing village where wrecks often ran into the rocks. The main character Mary Blight is poor and struggling so she searches the bodies of the unfortunate people who end up washed up on the shore for things of value.

Mary rescues a man from the sea who is tied to a log and nearly dies in the ocean. The man she rescues is a Minister who gives Mary the job of Sunday school teacher.


I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about smugglers and Cornwall. I really love a period drama and this kind of reminded me of Poldark. It was a dark story of tougher times. I love how strong Mary was even though her whole village turned against her, i loved her relationship with her sister and her mother.

I rating this book 4/5 stars!

Thank you to HQ Stories for sending me a copy to read and review!

This book is now available to purchase!




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Blog Tour: Muse Of Nightmares by @lainitaylor @hodderbooks @hodderscape #MuseOfNightmares #StrangeTheDreamer

Hello! Welcome to my stop on the Muse Of Nightmares blog tour! I hope you enjoy my review and don’t forget to check out the next stop on the blog tour below!
In the wake of tragedy, neither Lazlo nor Sarai are who they were before. One a god, the other a ghost, they struggle to grasp the new boundaries of their selves as dark-minded Minya holds them hostage, intent on vengeance against Weep.
Lazlo faces an unthinkable choice–save the woman he loves, or everyone else?–while Sarai feels more helpless than ever. But is she? Sometimes, only the direst need can teach us our own depths, and Sarai, the muse of nightmares, has not yet discovered what she’s capable of.
As humans and godspawn reel in the aftermath of the citadel’s near fall, a new foe shatters their fragile hopes, and the mysteries of the Mesarthim are resurrected: Where did the gods come from, and why? What was done with thousands of children born in the citadel nursery? And most important of all, as forgotten doors are opened and new worlds revealed: Must heroes always slay monsters, or is it possible to save them instead?
“There comes a certain point with a hope or a dream, when you either give it up or give up everything else. And if you choose the dream, if you keep on going, then you can never quit, because it’s all you are.”

“Once upon a time there was a silence that dreamed of becoming a song, and then I found you, and now everything is music.”

This quote perfectly describes what this book means to me, or what all of Laini Tylor’s books means to me, because really, this is nothing less than music.
The 500 pages are everything that is good in the world. The pages are filled with so many emotions; jealousy, hate, revenge, love, devotion.This series is primarily about all kinds of love and Laini Taylor writes love so beautifully. Each and every character in this book is driven by love for certain people or things. We witness sweet, innocent love between lovers, both old and new. We witness love between parents and their children. We witness love between siblings, both by birth and by choice. Love is a very complex emotion, and somehow, Laini Taylor was able to paint a magnificent picture of it, expressing it’s each and every form.
This book also deals with trauma and grief and how it can effect our actions and our choices. The lesson of this book is that grief is awful but getting revenge will not solve all of your problems.


Muse of nightmares picks up from right were Strange the dreamer left, with Sarai and Lazlo caught in Minya’s game. Down in the Weep, there is havoc and terror when the news of godspawn still being alive spreads.There is introduction of two new characters, Kora and Nova, who are unseperable. Their mother is gone, and their father wants to sell them to the village elder. They grew up in a village without a mirror, so the only reflection they have ever seen was of each other.
I think we’ve all decided that Lazlo is the most perfect character. While Strange the Dreamer had been about Lazlo and Sarai discovering that hate is not going to solve anything, Muse of Nightmares is the story in which they spread their ideas to others and help them get over the past.
Sarai and Lazlo’s love scenes are the best I’ve read in YA. Laini Taylor captured their tenderness so well. She amplifies their shyness and imagery so well that even simple acts such as holding hands become beautiful. Also, I want Solomon to build me a rainforest in my room..
The crossover with Daughter of Smoke and Bone was amazing. I hope in the future we get a story of Karou and Akiva meeting with Lazlo and Sarai.
Laini Taylor is one of those authors i can always rely on to write a beautiful book. and her stories and characters always fill me with so much happiness. It was utter perfection!!!!!
I rated this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thank you Hodder for sending me a paperback and hardback version of this book to read and review! It was such a privilege and i can’t thank you enough for this gorgeous book!
The Muse Of Nightmares paperback came out on Apri 4th!
Follow the blog tour below!


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Summer Bird Blue Blog Tour @akemidawn @inkroadbooks @bwpublishing #SummerBirdBlue

Hello! Welcome to my stop on the Summer Bird Blue blog tour organised by Ink Road Publishing! Thank you for sending me this book to review!


Rumi Seto spends a lot of time worrying she doesn’t have the answers to everything. What to eat, where to go, whom to love. But there is one thing she is absolutely sure of—she wants to spend the rest of her life writing music with her younger sister, Lea.

Then Lea dies in a car accident, and her mother sends her away to live with her aunt in Hawaii while she deals with her own grief. Now thousands of miles from home, Rumi struggles to navigate the loss of her sister, being abandoned by her mother, and the absence of music in her life. With the help of the “boys next door”—a teenage surfer named Kai, who smiles too much and doesn’t take anything seriously, and an eighty-year-old named George Watanabe, who succumbed to his own grief years ago—Rumi attempts to find her way back to her music, to write the song she and Lea never had the chance to finish.


A wish is a wish after all.

Summer Bird Blue is an emotional story about anger, grief, loss and how to ultimately heal from it. Rumi Seto loses her best friend and her sister in a car crash, she is very angry at the world and can’t move on from the tragic event. Rumi turns to her love of music which she shared with her sister Lea.

I love Rumi. I love her anger, her raw emotions. I could feel her pain physically. I rooted for her character from the first moment and wanted only the best for her. It was easy to invest in her character when you could feel how much she missed and adored her sister.

I especially loved the Rumi and Lea flashbacks which showed their relationship wasn’t always so perfect. It made their bond feel real and tangible because all siblings fight and make up. Lea was always a massive part of Rumi’s story even though she died so early on in the book.

Akemi Dawn Bowman writes the most beautiful stories full of every emotion possible that it’s very rare you won’t cry. I LOVED Rumi and Mr. Watanabe’s friendship it brough me such joy.

The best part of the story was that Rumi also questions her sexuality. She is scared to accept change and doesn’t know where she fits in on the spectrum. Through the story, Rumi comes to see that she’d probably identify as asexual. It’s amazing to see the representation.

Akemi Dawn Bowman is a go to author for me when I want a YA contemporary story that will probably break your heart. I loved that Rumi was allowed to be angry and grief isn’t always expressed in the right way. I loved that Rumi wasn’t a perfect person, but she’s real. Summer Bird Blue was a truly captivating story about healing that will play your heartstrings and pull you in.

I rate this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thankyou so much to Ink Road Publishing for organising this blog tour, it’s been an honour to be included and to get to read this stunning book!

Summer Bird Blue is out on the 4th April in the UK. Check out the rest of the blog tour below!




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Book Review – The Princess And The Fan Girl by @ashposton @quirkbooks @jamiedoespr #Geekerella #ThePrincessAndTheFanGirl

The Prince and the Pauper gets a modern makeover in this adorable, witty, and heartwarming young adult novel set in the Geekerella universe by national bestselling author Ashley Poston.

Imogen Lovelace is an ordinary fangirl on an impossible mission: save her favorite character, Princess Amara, from being killed off from her favorite franchise, Starfield. The problem is, Jessica Stone—the actress who plays Princess Amara—wants nothing more than to leave the intense scrutiny of the fandom behind. If this year’s ExcelsiCon isn’t her last, she’ll consider her career derailed.

When a case of mistaken identity throws look-a-likes Imogen and Jess together, they quickly become enemies. But when the script for the Starfield sequel leaks, and all signs point to Jess, she and Imogen must trade places to find the person responsible. That’s easier said than done when the girls step into each other’s shoes and discover new romantic possibilities, as well as the other side of intense fandom. As these “princesses” race to find the script-leaker, they must rescue themselves from their own expectations, and redefine what it means to live happily ever after.


What I am built for is to fall in love slowly, page by page, like reading a favorite book.

When this book was announced i jumped up with joy! Geekerella was one of my favourite books last year and i have been obsessed with Ashley Poston ever since. She represents all of us crazy fans awesomely!

I love fandom based books that represent the fans whether they be bad or good. We all know there is a dark side to any fandom and this book showed that. This book follows Jess, Darien’s costar from the first book. And Imogen, a new character who has grown up around Excelsicon. I’m not going to lie i did think this book was going to follow two new characters and didn’t realise Jessica Stone was going to be one of them! I didn’t really pay much attention to her character in the first book because she wasn’t the nicest person. Anyway, they switch places and live each others life for the weekend!

Jess is hard to like at times, but she has a lot of growth throughout the book. Imogen is a die hard Starfield fan just like Elle from Geekerella, i found the characters quite similar. Imogen’s romance is hate to love which is my all time favourite romance trope so i was more invested in her chapters than Jess’.

I love all the fandom references and how they are fitted in so innocently. I also screamed when Supernatural was mentioned because i’m trash for dean winchester.

I loved how Poston described the dark side to fandoms, the bullying and the online abuse of actors people don’t like and the amount of hate they get for not doing something the way a certain fan wants. I loved how she mentions Daisy Riley & Kelly Marie Tran as examples. This is one of the many reasons why Jessica’s character grew on me, i can’t imagine how hard it is to please every single fan, it’s not even remotely possible and some fans are cruel for no reason.

I loved this quote from Jessica ”I am a kaleidoscope of hope and dreams and wonder in the shape of a girl. I am not a porcelain doll. I am not empty. I am worthy. I am enough ”

Although there was a deeper meaning to this story, I loved Imogen and her genuine and innocent love of Starfield.

I absolutely adored the mentions of the Geekerella story and Elle and Darien popping up every now and again, i think i fell a little bit more for Darien again.. If you haven’t read Geekerella i recommend you do!

I give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ !

I was sent this review copy to share on my social media and blog. Thank you so much Jamie at Quirk Books for gifting me this adorable book.