Book Review – King Of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Spoilers ahead!


King of scars is the latest addition to Leigh Bardugos Grisha universe. If you know me at all you will know that the grisha trilogy is one of my favourite series ever. I love every character because each character is so flawed and realistic. Leigh Bardugo is an autobuy author for me as I love her writing style and her awesome characters and storylines.

Set in world heavily influenced by Russian folklore Grisha are born with power alternatively despised or worshipped. The country of Ravka is recovering from a war and the aftermath of the leader of the Grisha known as the Darkling who was beaten. One of those struggling is Nikolai who is suffering from a curse. Surrounded on all sides by enemies there are two main plots running and eventually coming together. The first plot follows Nikolai and Zoya as they try to find a cure for Nikolai, while the other members of their councils try to hold off there enemies who are pushing forward on all sides.

The second plot follows Nina who is my favourite character, she is undercover in enemy country trying to find the source of an addictive destructive drug known as parem that enslaves Grisha and twists there power in unexpected ways. Nina is stuck in a storm of grief and loss looking for vengeance.


This is a well written, fast paced addition to the grisha universe! I do not recommend you read it before the rest of the series however as you need to know what happens previously for it to make sense. Although I haven’t read crooked kingdom yet I did understand most of the storyline. But something’s didn’t make sense which I assume would if I’d read that one.

There was a lot for cameos of Grisha characters which I wasn’t expecting I thought this book would be completely about Nikolai and Nina but Zoya played a massive part in the story and I began to love her character alot. She kind of blended in the original trilogy so it was nice to get to know her properly and understand why she is so hard faced and strong and powerful.

So in short for those already following the Grisha universe this gets a enthusiastic recommendation for those new go back and read the original series or at least the Six of Crows series.

I rated this book as 5 ⭐ because it was everything I hoped for and more. The last chapter blew my mind and completely shocked me. It’s an exhilarating read. Nikolai is as sassy and charismatic as ever and I fell even more for his character.





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