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Book Review – My Mother The Psychopath by Olivia Rayne


This book tells the story of Olivia’s childhood and adolescence, it’s a memoir but it reads more like a thriller or a crime novel, and at times I forgot it was a real story and actually happened to somebody. It’s really descriptive and I could imagine all the characters really well, sometimes too well! Josephine, the mother, is a sociopath and its scary reading how she manipulates everyone around her, especially Olivia’s father, who is totally under her control.



This book was such a suprise to me. I don’t usually read memoirs but this one had me hooked. It’s hard to say this is a “good” book because the subject matter is so disturbing and the story is so sad, but reading this book really opened my mind!

There are moments in the book that are unbelievable and made me livid, particularly as Olivia got older and her mother started interfering more. It made my blood boil the things that Olivia was put through, especially by her mother who was meant to be the one person she could rely on. This book is shocking and packs a punch you won’t forget in a hurry, but it’s also a beautiful book and the story is told with heart.

Olivia – you are an amazing woman and you didn’t deserve to be treated how you were by any of the people who treated you so badly. I hope your mother never comes into your life again and I’m so happy to read that you’re in a good place with great friends and a caring boyfriend! You deserve it.

This book was kindly sent to me by Penguin Random House for me to review!





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