Book Review – The Wicked King by Holly Black


Well what can I say? This book is everything I wanted from the sequel to the cruel prince and so much more…

If you know me you know it usually takes me a good while to read any book. I read this in a day and a half… It may not be quick for some people but it was very quick for me! I could not put it down! I didn’t want to leave Faerie for even a second incase I missed something crazy happening.

This is how a sequel is done. So much manipulating and scheming. The things I loved about the cruel prince were brought forward into this and made even more exciting. The characters are so real you feel like you’re inside the book with them.

I love Jude so so so much. She is an amazing sister and friend and all she gets back in return is mistreated! I loved seeing her and Cardan and their new dynamic. He has changed alot since the first book! It was amazing to see a different side to him. He’s still the same snarky Cardan we will always adore though!

I don’t want to post any spoilers for the people who haven’t got their copy yet or read it but that ending?!! What the hell was that??? I hate cliff hangers and craziness right at the end so I have to wait a year for answers 😭
I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for The Queen of Nothing,

If you like Leigh Bardugo, Cassandra Clare, Sarah j maas then I am sure you will enjoy this series!

6 thoughts on “Book Review – The Wicked King by Holly Black

  1. I cannot wait to read this book even though I know there is a cliff-hanger! It is next on my list (yay). Your photos are gorgeous!


  2. I just received my own preorder copy of The Wicked King and yet I still haven’t read The Cruel Prince!! I look forward to the day that I read it!😂😂😂


  3. I didn’t like The Cruel Prince but was curious to see what you thought on the sequel! I’ve heard nothing but ravings about it 😛


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